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SCUBATREK is a website dedicated to underwater photography and videography. I have spent over 30 years of my life in the underwater world and wanted a way to share what I have seen with others.

All living things functions in an environment of survival. Darwin describes the evolution of species as survival of the fittest. Those that are most fit are those that are best adapted to their environment. What I have noticed is there really is no better place to study this theory than underwater. The diversity of life, the quiet and the time you have underwater leads one to notice the behavior of various life forms.

Clearly all living things function and use energy doing several activities that all lead to survival. These activities include obtaining and using energy, respiring, responding to stimulus, reproduction and adapting to their environment. This is not always obvious especially when you observe humans and attempt to find a way to categorize their behaviors above. However, watching animals underwater these activities become obvious and in fact one realizes that all behavior relates back to these basic needs.

In the video above you see confrontation, conflict and resolution.  Two Graysby Groupers found themselves seeking stake out the same digs.  Each of them size the other up, show aggression and decide that fighting for the same spot is probably not the best resolution for there issue.  This is a common behavior you see with many fish.  The need to show a sign of strength but without the engagement that leads to harming of one another.

Interesting, for humans it is hard for us to process sounds underwater and we have no sense of smell. We rely mainly on our sight to gather the information to process these behaviors. In fact, we “hear with our eyes”. Every behavior has a purpose, and the purpose of the behaviors become clear. I have learned to use this information on land as well. I have learned to listen with my eyes and not be fooled by what I hear. A valuable lesson from spending many hours underwater.

So enjoy the pictures and videos. I plan to publish them as often as possible. I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

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