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Growing up in Ocean City Maryland, a tiny peninsula on the mid Atlantic coast of the US, that is really no more than a sand bar, I got to see some really interesting fish. Goose fish (also known as the Monk Fish) would swim in from the deep ocean to spawn in the Sinepuxent bay each spring. As a kid I knew these fish as Head fish, because in fact that is about all they were is a head and tail.


monk2April 11, 2013 by Pierless Fish

Clearly this is not an attractive fish and in fact it was fairly dangerous. I saw these things come to the surface and eat sea gulls! After they mated and laid their eggs in the shallow sands of the bay, they would then crawl up on the beach and die. These fish weigh about 15 to 20 Lbs, so we are talking a lot of stink on the beach.
Truth is what really made these fish interesting was that they were part of the family of Anglerfish, that all use a lure to catch other fish… or Fish fishing for other fish. If you look closely you will see a lure that is dangled out in front the fishes mouth, that is used to lure and catch other fish… similar to a fishing rod and lure.
This behavior is displayed by all Angler Fish including the beloved Frog Fish that we all cherish to find while scuba diving.

Obviously, the Frog Fish are much nicer to look at, but they can be just as vicious.  In fact, these fish have the fastest lunging capability of any fish in the ocean.

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